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Bubble Tea Making Gift Box - Fruit Tea

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This amazing Bubble Tea Making Gift Box is great for making 4 Classic-size portions (500 ml) of your favourite yobu fruit teas and can be either picked up in store or shipped to any area in the U.K. via Royal Mail service. :)

Each gift box contains:
- 1 bottle of Flavoured Syrup
- 1 bottle of Toppings

- 1 limited-edition Snowman Bottle (fits your yobu bubble tea perfectly!)

- 1 pack of Jasmine Green Tea leaves & 4 empty non-woven tea bags
- 4 single use Eco Straws
- 1 Bubble Tea Making Instruction Sheet
- 1 pack of Pocky Biscuits
- 1 pack of Seaweed Rice Crackers
- 1 yobu Postcard
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